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So I’m starting a thing. 

I know a number of people who play both factions. I’ve always been a Horde-girl myself (as you may have noticed), but as I was reading lore articles all of yesterday, I realized how very little I know about the Alliance. I’m not out to give Mudmask any level of meta knowledge here, but I don’t think I can develop him the best I can without having really experienced both sides. So Qumare and Quixota have been rolled. 

The intent is to have two parallel characters, each the quintessential races of their factions, and then play them side by side. Qumare gets to level 10, then Quixota. Then up to 20, 30, 40, and so on, eventually moving to 5 level increments as opposed to 10 to accomodate for longer leveling times. 

For once I will be reading ALL the quest text (I rarely do, shame on me), trying to pick up as much in-game lore as I can, maybe finally understanding why my character would do certain dungeons, and trying to get the most immersive feel for the Alliance and the Horde. For this reason I rolled on Wrymrest Accord. I’m still new to RP but I’m going into this with a fresh mind and a rather social playing style in comparison to what I usually do - which is sulk around and think about rping with people but then chickening out and getting back on my main. 

I AM TRYING TO OVERCOME BEING THE SOCIALLY AWKWARD FUCK THAT I AM BY PRETENDING THAT I’M NOT ONE. …And I’m trying to learn lore and maybe get a better understand of just WHY someone who plays Alliance might hate my Horde. 

I obviously had to pick a class for each alt, but their job first and foremost is to approach the world as a storyteller and collector of tales. Maybe I’ll even try healing who knows anything could happen. 

I’ma blog about my experiences, under the #RParallels tag should anyone actually wanna follow it. At the end of the day this is just to satisfy my geeky, geeky hunger for Warcraftian lore.  

So. Here we go. As if I didn’t have enough things to fill my damn time. 


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